President Jokowi’s Upcoming Visit to Sulawesi Utara this Januari

President Jokowi is planning to visit the province of Sulawesi Utara for two days. During this visit, he will be reviewing markets in Manado and Minahasa Utara, inaugurating the Kuwil Kawangkoan dam and also visiting the Bunaken marine park. The commander of the Military Resort Command (Danrem) 131/Santiago, Brigjen TNI Mukhlis, has confirmed the visit and stated that preparations are being made to ensure the President’s security and safety during the visit. He added that the final details of the visit will be confirmed after the advance team’s visit.

The Kuwil Kawangkoan dam is a significant project in the area and it is set to be officially opened by the President during his visit. The Head of the Regional Waterworks Authority (BWS) Sulawesi I, I Komang Sudana, has stated that the dam is technically ready for inauguration and that final preparations such as cleaning, checking the structure and layout of the area are being made. He emphasized that the inauguration will be done in accordance with the protocols set by the palace and the Ministry of Public Works and Housing.

In summary, President Jokowi will be visiting Sulawesi Utara to review markets, inaugurate a dam and visit a marine park. The preparations for his visit are being made to ensure his safety and security during the visit. The Kuwil Kawangkoan dam, which is set to be officially opened by the President, is technically ready and final preparations are being made.

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